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The Dewey cock
Pure Wasatch

The Dewey Cock

From: The History Of Game Strains

Wasatch Reds

In 1922 Lon Swafford obtained a trio of Shawlnecks from Dr. Chesbrough. Polly Grim from Shykomish, Washington got some of the eggs and crossed the chicks from them with Jungle Shawls he was raising for Herb Fullerton of Canada. In 1927 "Dutch" Miller and Rue Sholves obtained some of these crosses and put one of the cocks over two pure Duryea hens. The progeny were known for their exceptional cutting ability and were named Wasatch Reds after the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Historically they are as good as any gamefowl strain around. They are an all around fighting style with great cutting accuracy and gamenes to spare. This was the only strain that could whoop Bobby Boles when he was dominating the pits. They look like the traditional Boston Roundheads but they are the Wassacht.

These fowl are yellow leg, and like the Dureya will come pea or straight comb. They are a red fowl and will also come spangled.

Brandons has been breeding this family for about 15 years.

Brandon Crittenden 918-930-0398

Pea comb Wasatch. spangled Wasatch.
Pea comb stag Spangle stag

Please note:These fowl do not belong to The Fall Creek Ranch.
I am putting this page up for a friend that raises this old historical family.

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