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This family of Birchens is being built around the John Sears Birchen blood. John Sears told me that his grandfather imported his Birchens into this country from England and Ireland. Sears now in his 90s still raises the North Britan Whitehackles. According to John all of the other Whitehackle families orginated from the North Britans. I know of one man in Wa. state, Ed Magiba that still has the pure John Sears Birchens. My hen pictured below is 7/8 John Sears breeding and 1/8 Canadian Whitehackle from Martell. I am breeding a Canary "Greek Fire" stag that is her daughter by My Gold Farris/Davis Rooster back to her. The pullet pictured below is one of my favorite pullets and also out of this hen. This pullet will be bred back to her Gold father.

Canary Birchen. Lutz Nunis Birchen.
Canary "Greek Fire" stag
John Sears Hen

Canary Birchen.

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