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Yellow Birchens, Duryea Whitehackle, Wasatch, Wardell Pumpkin Gleezen, HH Moore Clarets

Historic Gamefowl Families

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Sumrow Grey
Sumrow Grey
on 1963 Gamecock

"Slipspur" & Freddie

Freddie Sumrow and I
Freddie Sumrow & I "Slipspur"
Madigan Gray,
& McClean

Pumpkin Gleezen
Wardell Gleezen

Yellow Birchen
Yellow Birchen

Duryea Whitehackle
Duryea cock

hailstone Duryea hen
Hailstone Duryea Hen

Feathered Warrior
"Feathered Warrior 1930
AP Oconnor &
Lord Clonmel

Nunis birchen stag
Birchen Stag
Nunis Stag

Nunis Birchen

Ron Lutz
raised by:
Jack Boydston

HH Moore Claret
Mike Everette HH Moore Claret

White Gold
White Gold Birchen

Wasatch gamefowl.
Brandon Crittenden and his Wasatch

I specialize in historic families of gamefowl.
I am trying to help save some of these wonderful breeds. I am working with a few families of birds, the Yellow Birchen, Wardell Pumpkin Gleezen and the HH Moore Clarets. I also have pictured on my site birds of a good friend, Brandon Crittenden. Brandon raises Wasatch, a very old family of fowl. They were made with Duryea, Shawl Neck, and Boston Roundhead blood around 1927 in the Wasatch Mountains.

It is my belief that with recent legislation making cockfighting illegal, that many families of fowl will be lost. I am not involved in cockfighting but wish to breed these majestic birds for historic reasons, for show, and for their beauty. There are many people raising ornamental pheasants for their enjoyment as a hobby. I am suggesting that people that raise and show chickens or pheasants should consider raising a family of gamefowl and show them as well. Help stop an injustice that the animal rights groups are trying to do. Why can they pass legislation to supposedly save animals and then the first thing they want to do is to kill all the roosters. Two game chickens fight and do not need trained to do so. My birds are very game will sometimes start fighting when they are quail size. When they start to do this you have to seperate them. If you see someone that has roosters tied out to barrels, that is not a sign that they are fighting them. The roosters are kept apart so they do not fight.

These beautfiful birds are a big part of our history. They have been bred and yes fought for thousands of years. In the US there are many people that have raised them that have passed them down in their family for hundreds of years. They are a big part of the culture for the Mexican people here in the US and in Mexico. In the Philippines cockfighting is the national sport and as big there as the Superbowl. These birds were bred and fought by our founding fathers such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abe Lincoln. I guess our founding fathers today would all be felons, how sad.

It is said that Abraham Lincoln got his nickname,
"Honest Abe," by officiating cockfights fairly.

If you breed pure Yellow Birchen gamefowl or Duryeas or have any history, pictures or information about them from personal sources or gamecock magazines, please email or call I would love to meet and keep in contact with you.


All fowl raised and sold by The Fall Creek Farm are raised for historic reasons, for brood fowl, and show only! We will not sell to anyone that will use the birds for illegal purposes. Any mention on this site about fighting chickens is for historic and educational purposes only. It is your responsibility to abide by all local, state, and federal laws once you receive any birds from us.

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