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This page is an informational page about the Gold color, and history of Pumpkin Hulseys.

Note the rooster above does not belong to me but to "Wildfoot"

The below history comes from "Wildfoot",
& Mike Everett.

I would like to thank them both for their knowlege and the use of it on this this site.

Panu mu malalaman kung puro ang gold stag or cock?

Just a quick history of these fowls.....

English history

The Gold as known by Filipinos are known originally as Yellow Birchens or Gingers.... Some Gingers come dark very similar to the Redquills (which by the way are of English origin as well) Most are Ginger Reds as we call them.....The earliest painting that referred to them was a potrait in 1792 by a man named J Baringer and was represented as the "Ideal Cock" of the then "Game Cock Club" of England. They were certainly around at least 200 years before that. I have a 1782 Book that referred to them as Birchen Reds (Lewis Wright - Illustrated book of Poultry).....Now these birds were used by famous cockers around the time of Lord Derby, Sketchley and Lord Mexborough to name a few. They were originally Yellow to Gold in Plumage with yellow legs, wide at the shoulders that tapered to the base of the tail and had a straight comb. They were known for their gameness and cutting ability.......Some argue that the Lily Whites that went into the Whitehackles actually contained this blood.....Some English people I know have Gingers come out of their Whitehackle blood, I have never had this experience but would not argue against it. This is possible as when gingers are breed true or Homozygously they should throw whites...You have to remember, if you didnt already know that Gingers are actually part of the blue family......A dear friend of mine breeds them whites and has maintained them white for 20 years, he says as long as you breed the white to white you will always get all whites. I have the same experience. I have a Genetic formula somewhere that tells you the % of the offsprings when bred one way or the other. To make it the story short they were bred for their traits by Game men in the early days without really paying attention to their color.....of course show people now only breed them for their plumage.

American History....

The best thing that ever happened to the English birds was America, this served as a filter for good fowls. The English and Irish folks only took their best and what was once only reserved for the elite were now being bred by the game fancier. Now, I am not aware of when, where or who brought the Gingers first to America. I am aware though that early reference to their development was E.H Hulsey or the "The Earl", he is commonly mistaken with the "The Duke" of the lemon fame...They are not the same as Earl Hulsey was around way before Duke was.......E.H fought these fowls and in the forties they were campained by Jack Walton, Henry Wortham (of the Wortham rules) Will Allen also had them then followed by Sweater McGinnis and then followed by so many others like Sam Bigham, Roy Bingham and later by Larry Carter and many others. So the modern day Gingers can be attributed to E.H Hulsey as he was the one who took these birds to the big tournaments.....In fact in the Orlando tournament of 40's, in their prime half of the birds fought had E.H Hulseys blood but by the late 40's, 1947 to be precise only 26 out of the 200 shown were of the Hulsey blood, only Wortham and his group campaining them.....The Earl no longer fought. I had to give you some history for you to understand that pure is a hard word to give them......If you are after a pure Ginger in color, that is simple. Phenotypically they should look like most - Gold with Yellowish to Gold white streamers with yellow feet and if bred Homozygously should be white with a brownish tinge. But if you are after Gold from a certain breeder, you need to know their phenotype as most Gold or Gingers have some other blood infused into them......Mine now occasionally come pea comb because of the Jumper blood that have gone into them.......

P.S excuse any grammar or spelling errors as this was written in haste.... "Wildfoot"

Below is an assortment of notes on Hulseys, Golds, and Ginger birds that breeders may find useful.

Please note that EH Hulseys, and Yellow Birchens are a breed. Some of of these notes are referring to a color only Ginger, Gold or Pumpkin

Mike Everette
on the history of the EH Hulsey Pumpkins

"When I was growing up..The E.H. Hulseys were the lemon hackled mostly yellow legged reds fought by Henry Wortham of Dallas. The Pumpkin colored ones were called "Babbs". The first gamecock cock I ever owned was a "Babb" cock. Now most people call the pumpkin ones E.H. Hulseys."

About the original Hulseys, John Pipes did make them, but I understand that the hens were Claret/Barnett Wonders and the original cock was a Holmes "Aviator" Roundhead, thus making them 1/2 Rh and 1/4 Claret and 1/4 Barnett Wonder. Many people confuse Bingham with Bigham. Sam Bigham's were the ones that showed the Pumpkins and were well known as superior cocks in this area of Texas. "

The "Babb" cock was what put the pumpkin into the E.H. Hulsey fowl, they were light reds before that time. The Generals were a offshoot of the original Hulsey/Wortham fowl. They were also light lemon hackled reds. "

"They didn't breed the Charlie Babb cock to give them strength, they already were a famous strain fought by Henry Wortham for Hulsey. They needed the size to make higher tournment weights as the "Good Kind" were smaller in size and great cocks."

Mike Everett

I have wondered if A Dave Smith Blue that was part of the Babb cock making could have been a Yellow Birchen.

I have part of an old article that was photocopied and I am unable to make out all of the text and do not know the source. I wish I had the complete article, and if anyone that reads this does or knows more about the story, please contact me at Bart .This is part of the article...... There is a picture of a cock named "Skibbereen" He was the ancestor of 6 of the 7 Birchen cocks that O Conner gave Al Jones, also of ?? (cant make out) It mentions a Branberry winning a tournament with them at Clinton. Tenn. It says that the sire and dams of the cocks were stolen from Mr Poersehke, by a man named Babcock, who sold them to Branberry. Could Babcock, be the same man that had the Babb Yard in Tenn and be the same birds as the Dave Smith Blues? I asked Mike about this and here was his reply.

"Could the Dave Smiths have Birchen blood..I would say yes somewhere. Not all Dave Smiths came Pumpkin as I saw a family direct from him in the late sixties that were typical blues. I think the Pumpkins have a dilution gene in them, that is why you can get different shades.. including the Cream."

Mike Everett

More thoughts from "Wildfoot"

"The message I was trying to convey really is that the Gingers are only a color and what is underneath them may differ from breeder to breeder, in England for example gingers differ from county to county......." "Wildfoot"

The history of these fowl is long. Henry Wortham had a lot to do with the Bingham Hulsey's and not the "Duke". Henry Wortham conditioned birds for EARL Hulsey. Hence these birds were called EH Hulsey pumpkins. "


"The whites are NOT a THROWBACK. The Gold or as they are technically called "Gingers" belong to the "blue" Family and as we all know Blues produce whites. If you breed Gingers to Gingers (both Homozygous) you should get 25% whites. If you breed your White gingers on both sides you should produce 100% whites. I worked out a formula that I posted here maybe 5 yrs ago. I will see if I still have them. I have pure whites that have no trace of gold at all, until you breed them to reds, then all the offspring turn out gold in color. All my hens are white in color to Crean, they throw my good cocks. But basically this is not a THROWBACK as Gingers carry the w (not W) Gene. This long another topic altogether. "


Bai Cholo Ginger is simply what we call the color, basically what people consider as Gold is Ginger. The ginger hatch was bred by Grady Fields and fought by Sweater McGinnis. My Mclean contains three blood and one of them is this blood. According to the Stag my books that you've got is 1 / 2 Sweater Jumper 1 / 2 Hulsey. The father of that stag is a two time winner, a pure sweater from JJ. The Mother is a pure Hulsey. She produced 8 stags out of that mating had I left 2 and 1 was fought four months ago at a derby in Calapan and won unscrathed. "


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